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  • Rebecca Francis

Xero + Hubdoc Time for Easier Document Management

Xero has announced that their data capture tool, Hubdoc, will be included in your Xero Starter, Standard or Premium plan. From the 18th of March, you'll be able to easily capture and manage your bills and receipts, say goodbye to manual data entry, and get a better grip on your finances. All within Xero so you have more time to focus on what matters most.

Getting your books in order is key to running a steady business, regularly identifying spending patterns and cash flow confidently are important. We know that manually managing your accounts can take up a lot of time, so we know you’d rather spend that time doing something productive.

Hubdoc can give you some of your time back!

Since 2014 when Xero and Hubdoc began building a strong relationship. Hubdoc plays an important role in Xero’s vision to save you time and unlock valuable insights about your business. Focused on data automation for things like bill and receipt collection, data entry, transaction categorising and bank reconciliation so that it’s all done for you automatically, so that matching your transactions in Xero against your bank feed is easier than ever! Giving you the peace of mind that your financials are up to date.

By Xero including Hubdoc in your plan they are providing you with fast and accurate data, streamlined workflows and deeper insights. They know as well as we do that easier management of your business helps you win back precious hours. Something we all want more of!

For any Xero users currently paying the HubDoc subscription, you will not receive any further bills from the 18th March 2020.

As well as helping you go paperless, some of the other benefits are;

Streamline’s efficient document management – enables users to quickly upload bills and receipts so you can access information in one centralised system.

Reduce manual data entry with HubDoc’s smart line reading technology it allows information to be auto extracted from bills etc. There is also the option to set up automatic coding for next time.

User friendly because any staff member with a login can be given access which means they can upload documents directly to your feed.

Easy access that helps clean up your inbox! Each HubDoc entity has a unique email address, this allows you to clean up your inbox of invoices by diverting these directly to the HubDoc email address.

Paperless Processes – documents can be automatically uploaded to your HubDoc database, this means time and paper won’t be wasted printing or scanning bills.

Save time with manual processes cut out there will be more time for you to invest in your business rather than worrying about the bookkeeping side of the operations.

If you would like help setting up Hubdoc so it’s up and working without the hassle, book in a call or shoot me a message as we are organising a package just to get this up and running for you!

Book in a call here to set up Your Xero + Hubdoc, we can discuss your needs in a free 15 minute call HERE

You can also ask us about our solution that has no big bills, just a manageable monthly fee that includes quarterly BAS and business analysis, tax planning and your end of year financials AND you can claim this expenses back at tax time✔️

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