• Rebecca Francis

Would Direct Debit Improve Your Business Cash Flow?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Direct debit can help businesses get paid on time and does away with the pain points of traditional invoicing for you and your customers, as there's no need to remember to follow up on a monthly invoice.

A direct debit involves withdrawing cash directly from your customers’ accounts,

Technology has made direct debit far simpler and more affordable for small business. Now you don’t have to wait for customers to approve and pay your invoice.

Learn how it works with Xero, just click here to go to How to cash in on direct debit for small business

If you’re a Xero user and want to remove the hassle of late payment issues, using GoCardless for Xero is a no-brainer. With the simple integration, you can automate your entire payment and cash-collection process. Giving you time back to grow your business.

Set up GoCardless for Xero or for more information check out GoCardless on the Xero Marketplace.

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